Top 10 Cloud Storage Companies

With so much competition in the cloud computing industry, cloud storage services for the consumer is becoming quite interesting and intense. Cloud storage providers across the divide are in competition to provide data storage services for consumers. A review of the top cloud storage providers will be of great benefit in assisting any potential cloud storage consumer in making an informed choice on which provider to go with for their storage needs.

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Understanding Cloud Computing Infrastructure

The cloud computing infrastructures that are set up on servers with contrasting stratum of virtualization technologies and contain dependable services; are distributed through data centers. These services are available at any place where provision for access to the network is found. The most commonly described cloud computing infrastructures are public, private and hybrid clouds, although there is one more know as community cloud.

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Cost of Cloud Computing Services

The costs of cloud computing solution are composed of the different components and options. They are cumulative but vary in amount and time and according to the use of the platform as most users pay for only what they use. When you evaluate the costs of cloud computing, you generally have to make a choice between paying an on-going subscription fee on a monthly or yearly basis, or buying software and hardware once and then maintaining it yourself.

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Benefits of Cloud Computing & Storage

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing presents its users with a wide ray of benefits and each of the previously explained types of cloud computing comes with its specific set of benefits which are unique from a given type of cloud computing. It is thus important for any user of cloud computing to look at the different types of clouding and select the best option for his or her business in order to enjoy the maximum benefits of cloud computing.

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What is Cloud Computing

An Introduction to Cloud Computing

An overview of what cloud computing is all about

To any average user who might be wondering what cloud computing really is, it is basically a buzz word concept that explains various IT infrastructures such as computing capacity, finished software, network capacity or even data storage. All these technological infrastructures are adapted dynamically to newer technologies that provide reliability, easier management and scalability of the network provided. The best way to explain cloud computing from a layman’s perspective is through the fact that anyone who has been using web 2.0 has been using cloud computing. In other simpler terms, cloud computing is the act of hosting applications outside the website.

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Introduction to Cloud Storage

An Introduction to Cloud Computing Storage

Depending on how it is put into operation, cloud storage might mean different things to different people. Just like it is still not as simple as many might think to define cloud computing, there is still not consensus among those in the industry as to exactly what cloud computing is. Nonetheless, we can define cloud storage as a service model through which data is maintained, managed and backed up remotely and is made available to users over a network, most commonly over the internet.

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