Top 10 Cloud Storage Companies

With so much competition in the cloud computing industry, cloud storage services for the consumer is becoming quite interesting and intense. Cloud storage providers across the divide are in competition to provide data storage services for consumers. A review of the top cloud storage providers will be of great benefit in assisting any potential cloud storage consumer in making an informed choice on which provider to go with for their storage needs.

Important Cloud Storage Guidelines

There are certain guidelines however that must be observed when looking for a cloud storage service provider. These guidelines include the amount of storage space available, third party combinations, ease of access over variegated platforms and value added services. From the viewpoint of the typical consumer, the factors above are most essential as far as any standard requirements are concerned.

A Variety to Choose From

The following is a list of online cloud storage providers that are considered to be among the best and will of great benefit to anyone looking for space to store their data away from their computer or as a back up. From this list, you can choose the most appropriate storage provider based on security, pricing, storage space, customer support and dependability.

MyPC Backup

With a large presence in the UK and now in the USA, MyPC Backup presents users with unlimited automatic backup and the file sizes are not restricted and there is no pressure for bandwidth control. Your files are encrypted and you can automatically sync them between multiple computers.

Mozy Online Backup

Mozy is free for personal use and there is Mozypro for businesses. As a n online backup service for both personal and business users, Mozy is not a complicated backup system and is an inexpensive option. It uses an internet connection and allows you to backup your entire hard drive in case there is a problem with your computer. Using Mozy is great because you can fully restore your files and they remain secure.


With ZipCloud, you are offered unlimited cloud storage and your files are encrypted and secure. The advantage with ZipCloud is that you can access your files from anywhere and your files will sync without you having to do anything about it. You are not limited on the amount of files that you can backup. ZipCloud is easy to use and once you install it, it will take care of all your files.


SugarSync gives you the opportunity to keep your computers, smart phones and mobile devices synced and backed up on the internet. You can share files with anyone of your choice and access them anywhere because this is a cloud storage service that works with diverse operating systems.


JustCloud allows you to store all your files online and you are able to access them from anywhere and at anytime. With a JustCloud you get unlimited storage and one hundred percent automated backup. It is an easy to download application that is even much easier to use.


With LiveDrive, you get much more than just an online backup system. This is your personal online storage space that is unlimited and is very secure. This is a popular online backup service that is reasonably priced and has a wonderful interface and unlimited storage.

SOS Online Backup

SOS online backup is a very solid service for domestic and business users that offers secure transfers and storage, an automatic control panel, unlimited versioning and the ability to share large files. They have the advantage of recently adding backup support for all mobile devices and gadgets and the service is an affordable online data backup provider.


IBackup is an online storage provider that allows for basic file backup options. This is a very simple automatic online backup provider that does not require any extra equipment or complicated software. The advantage of using IBackup is that you get an online disk that you can use to store your files and can use anywhere and you don’t need to use burnable disks or external hard drives when you have to backup your computer.


Blackblaze is quite affordable, easy to use and will provide you with security against any type of failure of your hard drive. With three simple clicks, you are able to install Blackblaze after you download it and it automatically finds all your irreplaceable files, compresses them and then securely encrypts them. When your computer is idle, Blackblaze transmits your files through the internet to remote Blackblaze data centers. Blackblaze is a highly efficient backup system for optimum storage of data.

Elephant Drive

Elephant Drive has both business and home plans for users and is a great option for backing up your data online. Elephant Drive is powered by Amazon Web Services which has a solid reputation for security and reliability and is also quite affordable. Backups can be scheduled and the service provides you with the ability to keep track of distinct versions of your files.