Google Cloud Computing Services for Business & Personal Storage – An Overview

Google Cloud Computing

Google is perhaps one of the most recognized names on the internet today. It has been around for so long that the name itself is being used as an adjective for anyone searching for something. People don’t just search the web – they Google it. It is therefore not surprising when the company starts developing different services that help to keep them at the forefront of computer technology. Email, business applications, networking, websites, and Google Cloud computing services are just a few of the services they provide.

Key Features

Aside from the fact that they are an established brand in the computing field, Google was one of the first to offer cloud storage for business and personal users and has helped to set the standard for the criteria one needs to look for when selecting a service. Among these key features are:

  • Reliability at 99.9 percent or better. This means that there will be no downtime. If the services should become unavailable for any reason, their service level agreement (SLA) specifies that a service credit will be given.
  • Scalability so that businesses and individuals can quickly and easily expand their storage capacity when needed, or decrease it as the case may be. Users of the services are not being charged for what they do not need, which helps reduce the cost of the service.
  • Fast access to data through a simple web-based connection as often as needed so your information can be retrieved from any location and on any devise that supports internet connections. One just needs to log into Google to access their files.
  • Enhances security and the ability to share data without sharing passwords. Businesses can create networks that have access to files without needing to sacrifice security by sharing passwords. Each user can create his or her unique login and password options.
  • Storage location options in both the United States and overseas allows for high-efficiency and speed where it is most needed.
  • Cost efficient storage because you only pay for the storage being used and without any additional hidden fees.


The cost of Google Cloud computing services is calculated on the amount of data being stored by gigabyte (GB). The prices for storage as of the writing of this article start at $0.085 per GB. As the amount of storage is increased the cost per GB is decreased. That, in itself is not a major expense, but a new option that is now being offered is that of Durable Reduced Availability (DRA) Storage. Cost for this service starts at $0.063 per GB and is the perfect choice for people who want to use it just for storage with limited access. Additional factors that figure into the cost include anticipated access and network usage.

If you are still unsure about subscribing to their services, they are currently offering a free trial period. You can find more information and price charts by visiting their pricing page: