An Introduction to Cloud Computing

What is Cloud Computing

An overview of what cloud computing is all about

To any average user who might be wondering what cloud computing really is, it is basically a buzz word concept that explains various IT infrastructures such as computing capacity, finished software, network capacity or even data storage. All these technological infrastructures are adapted dynamically to newer technologies that provide reliability, easier management and scalability of the network provided. The best way to explain cloud computing from a layman’s perspective is through the fact that anyone who has been using web 2.0 has been using cloud computing. In other simpler terms, cloud computing is the act of hosting applications outside the website.

An explanation to private and public cloud computing

Another concept that comes in when defining cloud computing is private cloud which is whereby service providers establish their own cloud network where they offer hosting services to a limited number of clients. In this case, the company providing the hosting services specifically and directly administers the virtualized applications which have been established on a private cloud. The provider may also pool technological infrastructures and outsource the services from another trusted provider. When it comes to public cloud hosting services, the underlying infrastructures have a minimal role in the whole concept of cloud computing and such a model simply brings out the advantages associated with cloud computing. Where the infrastructure is shared among users such as in cloud computing, the model shows the benefits of reduced application virtualization costs which come about with cloud computing.

Range of services offered by cloud computing providers

Perhaps the best way to get deeper explanations and understanding of what is cloud computing is looking at the services provided by cloud computing companies. These companies offer the newest technology in the world of web hosting that enable web masters to share hosting resources like virtual platforms, programs as well as bandwidths. On top of these, they provide online storage which allows consumers and businesses make use of expensive applications at highly affordable price. Cloud computing makes it possible to access all your business or individual files from any platform or computer.

The main service models entailed in cloud computing

Cloud computing provides a description of three main service models involved in this concept. The first one is IaaS which basically refers to Infrastructure as a Service. With IaaS, you can create your own virtual computer freely and use virtualized systems to access resources in your computer like storage and network. Another service model that will help you understand what is cloud computing is PaaS. Otherwise referred to as Platform as a Service, this allows you to develop your own software application with dynamic, flexible, customizable data capacity and screens. The last service model in cloud computing is SaaS, which simply means Software as a Service. This allows you to gain access to your website using application programs and software collections. You might also hear some people referring to this model as Software as needed or Software on demand which all sums to the same thing.