Cloud Hosting Reviews – How Helpful are User Rated Reviews

Cloud Hosting Reviews

Anyone shopping online for a product will notice that most websites include a space for users to leave a product review. The percentage of people who leave these reviews is actually very small, and many of them tend to be a little negative in tone. They are also subjective by nature so the reviews are based more on how the individual feels the product met his or her expectations. I, myself, have never used to be one to spend a lot of time reading these reviews because I usually knew exactly what I wanted. But I’ve also found that they can be useful if one is not sure of what product to purchase, or has several options to choose from, or shopping for a service that for most of us exists in some kind of virtual reality.

One of the fastest growing trends today is a service that can store everything someone has on their computer in a secure area termed a cloud. The main advantage of this service is that it ensures that all of your files and information is backed up if the dreaded event of a crashed computer should occur. No need for panic if one knows that all of their important papers are protected and secure, so it seems like a great deal. But it is hard to imagine something that brings to mind blue sky and white fluff floating around. In this case, cloud hosting reviews can help a great deal.

In reading what other people have written, we can get a sense of what is important to them, and how they use the service. It tells us what things they like and dislike, and if the cloud hosting company does what it claims it will do. In this way we can get a better grasp on what the service provides, especially if we don’t really know a lot about it to begin with.

Key points to consider

When reading cloud hosting reviews there are a couple of points to keep in mind:

  • Product bias – where is the review located? Is it on a website that is owned by the company being reviewed, or on an independent site where people can comment on different companies? Reviews that are on a company owned site can reflect bias in that you only get a picture of that company and seldom get enough information that compares it to others. Sometimes the company will even post their own reviews under the guise of them being from customers. If a couple of posts are full of praise and the rest are complaints, then one might wonder why that is.
  • How recent are the reviews? Programs and services can change quickly in the technology world so you want to find the latest posts possible. Reading posts that were written several months, or even years ago, are not going to tell you how the company is today.

When shopping for this type of service, cloud hosting reviews can help in making a choice. But like anything else, use a little discretion with what you read.