Cloud Hosting Solutions

What is Cloud Hosting

Web hosting service has made it possible for an individual to access details of any business, organization and individuals through the World Wide Web. It serves as a data centre which provides details and enables business transactions to be made through the Internet. Updating the data and adding new features are possible with web hosting service.

Web Hosting Services

The features offered by web hosting providers have made it possible for small business websites to reach the client via uploading and file transfer protocol or a web interface. The Internet Service Providers usually offer this service free of cost to their clients who have subscribed their Internet connectivity. Web page hosting can also be purchased from alternative service providers. Mostly these web page hosting services are sponsored by advertisements and so are quite inexpensive. This way they are very suitable for small business websites, as they need not shell out much money on web hosting done for their business.

Cloud Web Hosting

Cloud hosting is an advanced type of hosting that provides customers with a platform, where hosting is based on load balanced servers and utility billing which are more efficient, measurable and that can be relied on. The name cloud hosting comes from the cloud shaped symbol that stands for the abstract nature of the complex infrastructure of this type of advanced web hosting. Cloud web hosting has the advantage over other types of web hosting as it is capable to withstand any damage due to natural disasters, power interruptions, etc as it is decentralized, though there may be some advantages in the centralized web hosting service.

Additional Features

There is also the added advantage of billing in cloud hosting. The providers can charge only for resources used up by the user rather than over a flat fee levied based on the expected usage by the users which may not be acceptable by the end user, if the usage is comparatively less. A small business website can also go for a single page cloud hosting. This will be charged according to their usage and so the complex database support and application platforms can be utilized within their budget limits; thus being economical and cost effective.

Basically a web page and a small-scale file hosting are provided for small businesses where they can store, upload or transfer the files. This enables a small business website to promote the inflow of traffic to their webpage. The web page is also provided with options for customers to write their reviews and so e-commerce becomes very efficient and successful. The present position of the business can be determined from the opinion of the customers easily by going through these reviews.

Support from the Web Hosting Companies

A control panel or an interface can also be provided by the host for managing the web server and installing scripts. There are also specialized software services like e-commerce that can also be used by small business websites to upgrade and draw inflow of traffic. The reputation of a website depends upon the accessibility through the Internet calculated over a period of time. There is no doubt therefore that cloud web hosting will only be an added advantage to small business websites in the near future.