Top Cloud Computing Companies

Cloud computing is the next frontier in IT and has been forecast to be the biggest revolution. With top cloud computing companies already distributing cloud infrastructure to many top organizations, businesses, and enterprises, the industry is set for a new era in technological advancements.

Because of innovation and creativity, investment opportunities have made some cloud computing companies stand out as one of the best. While there are lots of variances as far as products and services are concerned, the top companies stand out because of what they have launched into the computing and IT industry. Here are the companies that are at the top of their game as far as cloud computing is concerned.

Google Inc.

Google Inc. is at the very top of the list because of many services that it offers to the public and is known for their social accessible cloud computing services. Google has recently launched Cromebook, a laptop that has been built with the web particularly in mind, and is generating more revenue through its cloud computing services.

Rackspace Cloud Hosting

Rackspace Hosting is another great computing company. Previously known as, they deal with cloud based hosting and other essential infrastructure like cloud files, cloud email, cloud backup and etc.. They have a hybrid hosting plan that has a combination of cloud computing services and dedicated hosting and they also have a workforce that over 3,500 in fulltime employment at the moment.

Sales Force operates out of San Francisco, California and was established in 1999. They are leaders in providing customer and collaborative management services. They provide numerous automation services powered by cloud computing. is one such social networking website for corporate environments that provides private and secure communication.

VMware, Inc (VMW)

VMware, Inc is a company that has over 9000 full time employees. The company is a subsidiary of EMC Corp. and is headquartered at Palo Alto, California. They claim to revolutionize the way IT serves the business through innovative cloud computing solutions. VMware has launched several core cloud computing based products. ThinApp and Virtualization are some of the hot products from VMware, Inc..

Dell, Inc.

Dell is an interesting cloud computing company due to its Open stack cloud technology. Dell has realized the potential of cloud computing. Open stack will provide simple cloud solutions to businesses that are looking to acquire the power of the cloud without having to spend a ton of capital. Dell will look to drive revenue through this project and if cloud computing really takes off, look for Dell to be in very good shape.

Amazon, Inc.

Amazon has actually spent a large amount of capital researching and implementing cloud technologies. They are looking to use the cloud to stream movies and media and compete directly with Netflix. They have a lot of cash and power that is at their disposal so keep an eye on what they will do regarding cloud computing.

There are many other companies that are top of the range as far as cloud computing is concerned. The above however are the companies that are doing well in 2012 although the landscape of cloud computing will keep changing with new layers coming into the industry or emerging from the shadows.