Blue Cloud security (done in 3d)

Is Cloud Computing Secure?

While consumers from the commercial and domestic level have both embraced the emerging trend in technology known as cloud computing or simply “cloud” not many are aware of another emerging trend known as cloud computing security. As a branch of computer security, cloud computing security also known simply as cloud security is an expansive set of approaches, technologies and controls that are put into place to safeguard data, applications and the connected framework of cloud computing. This however still does not answer the issue of cloud computing security.

Concerns for Both Parties

There are numerous security concerns as far as cloud computing is concerned and they can be categorized twofold. Cloud computing providers as well as cloud computing consumers both have dilemmas because in the case of providers, they must make sure that they establish security features on their cloud framework for their clients. The clients must also make sure that the provider undertakes measures that are required to guarantee security for their data. Thus both the provider and the consumer must be aware what they ought to be responsible for as far as their cloud computing security needs are concerned.

It is very important therefore to be aware of the service agreements because they are always very manifestly expounded. However, the issue of whether cloud computing security is adequate enough is dependant on the security needs of the provider as well as the consumer. So many people however depend on cloud computing so much so that its security is not a matter to be taken for granted. The new technology is definitely secure enough to handle information that cannot be left to susceptibility. Cloud computing is safe enough, as safe as regular computing and hosting.

Wrong Perceptions about Cloud Computing Security

There is the perception by people in media that the security factor of cloud computing has not been given the attention that it deserves. This is because of the outages that occur that might get consumers very worried about their data. Such outages are not different to the normal outages that occur in traditional computing and do not mean that any data has been hacked or any information has disappeared. Major players in cloud computing are very serious with computing and storage security matters and have very strict policies about physical and on site security.

Importance of Encryption Security

These providers are in fact much stricter than conventional hosting platforms and have a very committed staff that keeps a close watch on the performance of the network. Their staff acts promptly when there is a breach of security and because data is always encrypted as soon as it gets into the network, it is practically impossible for an intruder to comprehend.

Rapid Response Backup Security

Another important factor to take note of is that while conventional computing provides nightly backups so that if anything happens the backup is from the night before, cloud computing has a rapid response back up that takes place after every transaction. If anything happens, the last backup will secure your data because it took place right before another transaction happened.

If there is any complication inside the cloud, one simple restoration can instantaneously take care of the problem that consumers are going through. Online data storage will now be taking place mostly on through cloud computing and preventative or institutive measure will be more urgent and strict. Because cloud computing security will continue to improve, anyone who is apprehensive about the issue should put such worries to rest.